Tractor Trailer Rescued with Hwy 27 Heavy Towing


In the serene town of Onamia, Minnesota, a routine drive took an unexpected twist. A driver encountered a deer on the road and, in an effort to avoid a collision, swerved right. However, the soft shoulder of Minnesota Highway 27 proved treacherous, pulling the truck in. The truck was now stuck at a precarious angle, leaning dangerously to one side. The situation called for expert assistance, and the Minnesota State Patrol promptly responded.

A team of six dedicated professionals took on the challenge of rescuing the stranded tractor-trailer. Their mission was to perform a heavy-duty recovery operation, and the clock was ticking. The truck was transporting a valuable cargo of frozen chicken pieces, and preserving it was paramount.

The recovery team arrived on the scene with a formidable arsenal of equipment, including a 75-ton rotator, a 50-ton HD wrecker, and two skid steers equipped with buckets, brooms, and various attachments. The scene was set for a complex and demanding operation.

Details of Hwy 27 Heavy Towing

In the quiet town of Onamia, Minnesota, along the winding curves of Minnesota Highway 27, a driver’s attempt to avoid a deer led to a perilous situation. The soft shoulder proved unforgiving, ensnaring the truck in the muck.

A call for assistance brought the Minnesota State Patrol to the scene, where they encountered a fully loaded tractor-trailer that had veered off-road, plowing through swampy terrain and coming to a precarious lean.

The recovery team, equipped with a 75-ton rotator, a 50-ton HD wrecker, and two skid steers with buckets, brooms, and other attachments, set to work. For eight hours, they labored tirelessly, battling the challenging conditions.

The truck was successfully uprighted, and its precious cargo of frozen chicken pieces was preserved. This operation showcased the expertise and determination of the team that responded to the call.

For those in need of Hwy 27 heavy towing services, this story serves as a reminder that help is just a call away. Highways can be unpredictable, but with the right team and equipment, even the toughest challenges can be overcome.

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