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I-94 Heavy Recovery in St. Cloud, MN

A Challenging I-94 Heavy Recovery

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, Andy’s Towing faced a challenging call from the Minnesota State Patrol. A driver had taken the I-94 on-ramp too fast, resulting in a tractor-trailer rollover. The cargo, containing valuable parts, required careful offloading and uprighting. Andy’s Towing, with a dedicated team of seven and a fleet of heavy-duty equipment, sprung into action.

At the junction of MN-15 and I-94, the overturned tractor-trailer added to the usual traffic chaos. Minnesota State Patrol had secured the area, and Andy’s Towing arrived promptly to assess the situation.

With a fully loaded tractor-trailer on its side, the recovery demanded precision and efficiency. The team opted for a meticulous hand unloading and reloading process to protect the cargo. Their 75-ton rotator and 35-ton heavy-duty wrecker worked together to stabilize the overturned trailer.

The cargo, valuable parts castings, was gently unloaded by hand, with utmost care to prevent damage. Once safely on the ground, the cargo was reloaded into crates for the shipper, ensuring its safety throughout.

This complex recovery involved Andy’s Towing’s top-tier equipment, including the 75-ton rotator, the reliable 35-ton heavy-duty wrecker, a skid steer, and an industrial carrier, all contributing to the successful operation.

I-94 Heavy Recovery in St. Cloud, MN – A Detailed Account

I-94 heavy recovery in St. Cloud, MN, witnessed the exceptional skills of Andy’s Towing. With an overturned tractor-trailer carrying valuable parts castings at the junction of MN-15 and I-94, their team of seven employees responded swiftly. Employing a 75-ton rotator and a 35-ton heavy-duty wrecker, they stabilized the scene and executed a meticulous hand unloading and reloading process to ensure cargo safety.

This recovery operation, lasting four hours, highlighted Andy’s Towing’s expertise in handling complex heavy recovery tasks. They showcased professionalism and efficiency in every step of the process, from assessing the scene to securing the cargo and completing the recovery.

For I-94 heavy recovery in St Cloud, MN, trust Andy’s Towing for professional, efficient, and damage-free solutions. Their dedication to the job and top-tier equipment make them the go-to choice for challenging recoveries. When every minute counts, Andy’s Towing is the partner you can rely on to get the job done right.

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