Few things are more distressing than watching your vehicle sink slowly into a lake or a river. Don't despair when your car takes a nose dive-call Andy's Towing to recover it for you. We'll arrive at your location ASAP to remove your car from a lake in or around St. Cloud, Minnesota. You'll feel relieved once we've recovered your vehicle.

Call 320-251-5691 now to get your car removed from a lake in St. Cloud, Minnesota or elsewhere in the U.S. We also travel to Canada.

Trust us for all your ice and water recovery needs

The team at Andy's Towing can tow any size vehicle from a body of water. We can:

Remove vehicles from frozen and open lakes

Recover pontoons from rivers

Replace your water-logged vehicle

We also provide immediate car recovery services in St. Cloud Minnesota and nearby cities. Contact us ASAP to get your vehicle back on dry land.