Andy's Towing can tow any over-width, over-height or over-weight vehicle. We can haul farming and construction equipment up to 70,000 pounds. Whether you need to move a tractor to another state or swap out a damaged excavator, you can depend on us to transport your equipment safely.

Call 320-251-5691 now for convenient equipment hauling service in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the rest of the country or even Canada.

We're aware of oversized vehicle restrictions

The team at Andy's Towing knows that there are regulations for transporting oversized equipment. Because of this, many different factors can affect the route we take, such as:

Lane width


Spring thaw restrictions

Two-lane versus four-lane interstates

Non-designated roads

These rules vary by state. We remain up-to-date on these restrictions so we can transport your equipment wherever you need without any issues. Contact us today to schedule your equipment hauling service in or around St. Cloud, Minnesota.