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Looking for dependable flatbed towing services nearby? Andy’s Towing Flatbed Towing services are your solution. Our local service is equipped to handle various vehicles, including all-wheel-drive cars, half-ton trucks, three-wheelers, and motorcycles. With our flatbed method and top-quality tools, we ensure safe and damage-free transportation, especially for vehicles with non-operative wheels. Trust us for efficient and secure towing solutions.

Reliable Flatbed Towing Services

Experience Damage-Free Towing with Our Flatbed Tow Trucks

Our flatbed tow trucks ensure damage-free towing by allowing all the vehicle’s wheels to rest securely on its flat platform. Unlike older methods, this approach eliminates risks when navigating speed bumps or potholes, preserving your vehicle’s tires, transmission, and other components.

Perfect for Non-operative Wheels

Flatbed towing is ideal for vehicles with non-operative wheels since they don’t need to be running for this method to be effective.


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Get Flatbed Tow Truck in St. Cloud MN

Efficient Towing Method

Say goodbye to the hassle of removing the vehicle’s driveshaft with flatbed towing. Loading a vehicle onto our flatbed is straightforward—it can be driven up and securely strapped on, or loaded using a winch.

Taking Care of Your Four-Wheel Pride

At Andy’s Towing, we’re staffed by car enthusiasts who understand the pride of car owners. Each vehicle is handled with utmost care, ensuring cleanliness at every stage and damage-free transportation with the use of protective gear.

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